Tuya Smart Home Control Panel Controls All Tuya Home Lock Products Such As Home Smart Speakers and Lights Smart Home Automation

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  • Model Number: W1
  • Brand Name: anjielosmart
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,Dot,EAC,EPA,FCC,GMP,RoHS,TGA,UL,KC,pse,WEEE
  • Smart home platform: Other,Tuya,Apple HomeKit,Samsung Smart Home
  • Model Number1: W1
  • Model Number2: F6
  • Model Number3: F7

Turn your simple home into a smart home with Tuya Smart Home Control Panel

You just need to command your smart home control panel: "Turn on the living room air conditioner." Or "Close the curtains in the living room" "Turn on all the lights" "Play me a song in English" and so on, with this Tuya Smart Home Control panel, there are hundreds of possibilities, make your life smart, let your work get work done with your smart, smart graffiti smart home control panel

There are multiple modes:

Home Mode Out Home Mode Sleep Mode Dining Mode Home (Home Mode): Turn on the lights, turn on the air conditioner, and open the curtains. When leaving home (away mode): turn off the lights, turn off the air conditioner, close the curtains, and turn on the security protection. With this AI smart home control panel, you will get: air outlet control air conditioner control fresh air control fan control light control and more.

Tuya smart home control panel features:

Super central control multi-function central control gateway AI intelligent background music system massive music resources voice + touch screen mobile phone APP control 10 meters remote wake-up, easy installation, can be used for (home, office, hotel, restaurant) support 6500+ brands of infrared home appliance control. You can customize the home screen buttons as you want or for work, play, sports, and more.


This product is our latest new product on the market. The UI interface currently supports Chinese and English. Voice wake-up currently only supports Chinese.

The data package of various languages is being upgraded and developed. It can be operated normally on the mobile phone or on the panel. Other functions are normal!!!


● Android 8.1 System
● RAM: 1G
● ROM: 8G
● Language: only English and Chinese
● Custom APP Installation
● 2-channel Speaker Output
● Watch online music, videos, radio, and other programs
● Multi-stage timing switch, music play, linkage control of smart home
● Support external 485 control local machine
● Support max 32G card, OTG USB disk, local play, and read
● Remote control operation
● Support departure doorbell
● Support play music, stories, children’s songs, tell jokes, check the weather, check flights, smart home control
● Bluetooth playback, the host can control the Bluetooth playback device to switch the music
● Support trigger doorbell function
● Support linkage trigger to play music
● Support linkage trigger shutdown
● Support timing output level signal linkage with other equipment
● Support external equipment to control the machine through 485
● Time switch machine, self-set timing boot songs
● Support external RJ45

● Support TUYA, TikTok, Spotify, BluetoothPlay, Smart Youtube, Go Keyboard, Pandora, etc.

●4 inch panel not supprot Visual intercom and two-way intercom are temporarily not supported
●4 inch panel Without gateway zigbee and repeater functionality


1 x wall amplifier device
1 x mounted box

1 x bracket and screw

Connection Guide Video, please Contact the US to get!

WiFi audio Wall panel Amplifier Products Instruction Details:

1. Speaker: speaker cable (200 cores), RVH2X100, RVH2X200 connected to SPK R+ and SPK R-.
2. Audio output: audio cable (three-core shielded cable: commonly known as microphone cable),
RVVP2X0.5, RVVP2X0.75, connect to OUT R + OUT L + GND, can be connected to another amplifier.
3. Audio input: audio cable (three-core shielded line: commonly known as microphone line),
RVVP2X0.5, RVVP2X0.75, connect AUX L + AUX R + GND.
4. Trigger doorbell: Connect GND + DB to trigger the doorbell.
5. Trigger on/off: connect GND + ON to trigger on/off.
6. RS485 interface (optional): 485 cable, connected to 485A + 485B.
7. USB: External OTG USB, can read U disk with an adapter.
8. TF card: Read the TF card interface.
9. Power switch: long press for 2 seconds to turn on, long press for 2 seconds to turn off,
short press for lock screen / unlock.
10. Volume down key
11. Volume up key
12. Microphone
13. Power supply terminal: Connect the AC110V-240V power supply.


●English, Chinese, Arabic, and polish
● custom app installation
● 8-channel horn output
● sound effect adjustment
● play music regularly
● support 485 bidirectional control
● support TF card, OTG USB disk, local playback, and reading
● remote control operation

● support departure doorbell
● electronic photo album

● wallpaper switching
● family karaoke

Connection Guide Video, please Contact the US to get!

WiFi audio Wall panel Amplifier Products Instruction Details:

● 7-inch IPS display with 1024 * 600 resolution
● 2G system memory and 16g storage memory
● Android 8.1 system, 4-core processor, CPU: 1.5Hz
● power supply mode: AC 110-250vc / 124 / 2V
● output power: 8 * 20W
● one set of audio input; Output a group
● analog bass output: one set
● HDMI: output 1080p
● network: WiFi
● app: Custom installation
● Bluetooth: support
● installation method: embed the junction box and install it into the front wall
● product size: 185 × 12.5 × 10.5MM



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