Outdoor mobile power supply 220V 1500W large capacity portable charging station outdoor camping emergency energy storage battery

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  • Voltage: 220V
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC,KC
  • Nominal capacity: 220V
  • Form factor: 195X320X195mm
  • Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate
  • peculiarity: PD60W bidirectional fast charging,Pure sine wave voltage stabilization,Free Delivery,Smart display,Multi-function LED light,Support power supply of various equipment,Anti-electric shock,easy heat dissipation,insulation,anti-leakage
  • power: 1500W,500000mAH/800000mAh/1200000mAh/1800000mAh,480W / 750W /1100W

Shell material:Matte metallic lacquer
Product Size:
300W / 480W / 750W / 1100W / 1500W
AC output: 220V
Cigarette output: DC12V
USB output: DC5V/2A
Lighting lamp: LED 20W/multi-mode

Working temperature: -10°C~ 50°C

The product is equipped with a dedicated adapter
(If you mind, please do not place an order)

Key selling points:
High capacity and high power, no power shortage outdoors, no power failure at home, high power W output supports power supply of various equipment, lithium iron phosphate battery cell, long life cycle times of 2500+, and can be used for about seven years if charged and discharged once a day.
Multi function interface design: various output DC and AC can be used.
More professional pure sine wave current (comparable to municipal power supply), high-precision output does not harm electrical equipment, effectively protects stable waveform, does no harm to power supply equipment, and is safe to use
Intelligent heat dissipation with multiple protections, overvoltage/overload/over temperature/short circuit/over discharge.
. The convenient handle is easy to use and small.
Built in plug, in line with the new national standard protection door design, anti electric shock, easy to dissipate heat, insulation, anti leakage, safe and considerate.
Dual intelligent digital LCD power display, clear and clear.

Scope of application:
1. USB charging   2.  220V electrical power
3. Lighting     4. Power consumption of on-board equipment


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